Is Having a Foot Fetish the New Norm?

I mentioned in the introduction having a foot fetish. That seems to be the one everybody talks about. Foot Fetishism is the most popular or most documented fetish worldwide, So much that the scientific community have begun to consider treating certain cases of foot fetishisms as the norm instead of as an aberration.

According to the scientific definition of a fetish, a fetish must have an inanimate object as the object of desire. Since the foot is part of the body, is there really such a thing as foot fetishism? Technically, it's not really a fetish. It is either a partialism or sexual preference, a part of the body that is an extremely important part to achieve sexual arousal.

In order to be considered a partialism, the body part has to be of extreme importance, meaning the person must be unable to obtain sexual arousal without the physical or medial presence of the body part.

If the person is fully capable of achieving sexual arousal without the body part and only seeks it occasionally it is considered a sexual preference. The sexual preference “foot fetish” is the aspect that some are now treating as the norm.

For example a husband who occasionally likes to play with or ejaculate on his wife’s feet and is otherwise able to obtain a normal sexual arousal would be considered as having on a sexual preference and not a fetish or partialism since it does not interfere with his life or sex life. According to a new standard set by some scientists this would now actually not even be considered a sexual preference but a new norm.

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