The New Fascination with Feet

Imagine being in a totally sexually fixated state. Only instead of a person, your irresistible attraction involves an object or behavior.

Known as fetishes, people are often incredibly amused by their unconventional nature. But having a fetish can be emotionally and erotically gratifying in many respects, turning any judgment into a case of “who’s laughing now?”

So well-known is the foot fetish that it’s gone from laughable to a wholesome kink of sorts. Still an exploration of what it entails and why it exists can cause discomfort, which is why it’s remained so cryptic. Few are brave enough to unlock the mysteries of the foot fetish. Are you?

The word “fetish” originally had nothing to do with sex. Derived from the Portuguese word fetich, Old World Portuguese explorers used the term to describe any religious artifact regarded by tribal cultures as having magical powers. It was in the 19th Century that “fetish” started being used to describe something that sexually excites an individual.

Fetishes, in general, are one of the most misunderstood sexual attractions. The case of the foot fetish is a classic example of this. It’s actually not a fetish -- it's a case of partialism. Partialism is a situation where a person has exclusive attraction to a body part.

A fetish, on the other hand, is a situation where an individual has learned to attach sexual significance to an object or behavior that is in large part not considered erotic in nature. The most common fetish objects are shoes, undergarments, and items made of rubber, plastic, or leather.

In many cases, it’s the touch and/or odor of an object that’s more of a turn-on than the object itself. So a foot fetish is sometimes more about the smell of feet than just the feet themselves. Yet, as explained in the “Handbook of Clinical Sexuality for Mental Health Professionals,” fetishes involving body odors tend to be met with revulsion. So it’s safer and more socially acceptable for the fetish to focus on the foot in its entirety.

We don’t know a lot about how a person develops a fetish or why. We’ve been at a loss to explain how a person can develop emotional, and even spiritual, responses to an inanimate object of desire. Some academics hold that fetishes are just one more natural aspects of being human. Having a fetish has been likened to the obsessive fascination and enthusiasm some people have in collecting baseball cards.

Others have suggested early childhood events are the cause, particularly those involving sexual shaming. A foot fetish may, for example, develop when a child, made incredibly embarrassed for seeing a woman’s naked breast, diverts his eyes to her foot, which later becomes the foot fetish.

Another theory is that early life events shape one’s sexual identity, for example a baby may sniff someone’s feet while crawling and thus become permanently fixated on feet as an adult. The experience, locked in the brain, becomes one of attempting to seek out the same sensations from that experience.

It’s important to understand that most fetishes are harmless. While we hear about the occasional fetish gone wrong, for example a fetishist who steals their sexual amulet, most cases are not so extreme. Furthermore, plenty of people with fetishes can have gratifying sex lives without use of their sexual charm of choice.

In cases where a fetish is incorporated into sex, it can be argued that the adventure, entertainment, and easier arousal factor can heighten the experience. Lovers may even bond in sharing the fetish experience and any sensations unique to such. Given the vulnerability one feels in sharing their fetish, a partner’s reaction that it’s “no big deal” can make lovers feel closer as well.

Cases where fetishes become a problem include a person relying upon the object for sexual excitement, release, or satisfaction. Such an obsession should be of concern since it’s a potential sign that the individual is unable to cope in a healthy, intimate sexual relationship. Fearing rejection, the person prefers the fetish for being safe and non-threatening. Some fetishists can also have trouble attaining orgasm without the fetish.

Most fetish cases are not so extreme, however. Plenty of fetishists can have satisfying sexual experiences without their fetish being present or acted out. While there’s no evidence that fetishes can be cured, a fetishist can work with a sex therapist to become sexually enticed by other things and basically keep the fetish in check.

To some degree, many people have mild fetishes, as in they have favored sex acts or enhancements. But these often go undetected, since most people don’t realize that they have them. So what is yours?


The Rise of the Foot Lover

For anyone seeking to understand how male sexual desires are formed, men's interest in feet might be the most educational example.

Feet are one of the four body parts that straight and gay men in every country search for online. (The others are chests, buttocks, and penises). There is very strong evidence that the male brain comes wired with a biological predisposition to attending to feet. But of all the male anatomical cues, the foot cue expresses itself with the greatest diversity of variations, suggesting that there might be something more to this anatomical cue than mere visuals. 

The foot is a classical example of a male sexual cue that gives rise to a kaleidoscopic variety of cued interests: pantyhose, stockings, heels, ankles, calves, sandals, high heels, socks, toes, boots, boot licking, foot bandages. Also, specific actions by the feet are popular, such as trampling, tripping, plunging into mud or dirt, rubbing on penises, stepping on small animals, stepping on balloons, stepping on a man's face or head. Many male celebrities have come out (sometimes unintentionally) about their erotic interest in feet, including Jets coach Rex Ryan, actor Jack Black, rapper Ludacris, and film director Quentin Tarantino. 

How does a man's specific interest in silky pantyhose or five-inch heels get formed? Following cue theory, during a man's critical period of sexual desire formation, his innate foot cue makes him more likely to pay attention to feet and makes him more receptive to foot-related stimuli. If through chance or culture he is then exposed to a strong foot-related experience—a woman sticking her foot in a thirteen-year-old's face or watching your first girlfriend slowly unroll her black stockings—then the foot-related details of the experience are more likely to get imprinted. Also increasing the odds of imprinting upon a foot-related stimuli are the strong odors associated with feet; odors and tactile sensations enhance the likelihood of imprinting upon a sexual experience.

Is Having a Foot Fetish the New Norm?

I mentioned in the introduction having a foot fetish. That seems to be the one everybody talks about. Foot Fetishism is the most popular or most documented fetish worldwide, So much that the scientific community have begun to consider treating certain cases of foot fetishisms as the norm instead of as an aberration.

According to the scientific definition of a fetish, a fetish must have an inanimate object as the object of desire. Since the foot is part of the body, is there really such a thing as foot fetishism? Technically, it's not really a fetish. It is either a partialism or sexual preference, a part of the body that is an extremely important part to achieve sexual arousal.

In order to be considered a partialism, the body part has to be of extreme importance, meaning the person must be unable to obtain sexual arousal without the physical or medial presence of the body part.

If the person is fully capable of achieving sexual arousal without the body part and only seeks it occasionally it is considered a sexual preference. The sexual preference “foot fetish” is the aspect that some are now treating as the norm.

For example a husband who occasionally likes to play with or ejaculate on his wife’s feet and is otherwise able to obtain a normal sexual arousal would be considered as having on a sexual preference and not a fetish or partialism since it does not interfere with his life or sex life. According to a new standard set by some scientists this would now actually not even be considered a sexual preference but a new norm.

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