Welcome to my NEWS page. Here you will find all of the latest info regarding The BadAss Becky Show and the overall project.

At this time, I’m busy working on the Pilot Episode to the actual “BadAss Becky Show”- which is an alternative lifestyle, online talk show. The purpose of the show is to provide a fun, engaging outlet for people to enjoy and explore without feeling uncomfortable, ashamed or judged.

On this talk show, I will take my audience on a fascinating tour of the erotic-yet mysterious world of BDSM. In addition, I will also conduct engaging interviews with up and coming models, artists, producers as well as some of the most popular personalities and business owners in the Fetish industry.

The Pilot episode of The BadAss Becky Show is currently in production and scheduled to premier FALL OF 2016 here on The BABS.COM as well as other social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and Daily Motion. Keep in mind- once finished- "Foot Lovers and Becky's Buddies" Members will get the exclusive “UN-CUT” version of each Episode- which will be much more racier than the content that will be available to the general public.

In addition, I'm also working on an Riveting NEW Web-Series that will take my audience on a wild, Immersive ride into some of my Real Life experiences involving some of the fascinating/ Kinky individuals that I have met while Producing The BadAss Becky Show.

For more info, please have a look below at the exciting content on the way from The BadAss Becky Show and The Baddest Little RedHead In NYC.


In Development

  • Website ReLaunch MAY 2019

  • Walk The Walk: A Series of Motivational short films meant to inspire people to Stop Talking and Start Walking towards their dreams

  • The BadAss Becky Graphic Novel: an Upcoming Graphic Novel about an Alternative Lifestyle Super-Heroine, Fighting for the Rights of the Alternative Lifestyle Community.

  • NEW Podcast Launching In SUMMER 2019: Becky's BadAss Podcast

Upcoming Becky Clips

  • Becky's Talking Feet

  • Fillet Of Sole

  • TTT: Why Nylons Smell So Sexy!

  • TTT: Dealing With Foot Haters

  • Becky & Crystal Inked are Talking Feet

  • FEET on The Dash

  • Talk- THE DIRTY- Talk: Doing It In The BUTT

  • bare FEET! - a New Sexy Vlog- set to Air in Summer 2019 on Youtube and Vimeo

Upcoming Models and BadAss Babes   


  • Kailey From Becky’s Boutique

  • Crystal Inked Feet

  • Stella Liberty

  • The Foot Queen Of England

  • Goddess Aviva

  • Milf Michelle


Milestones And THE BABS News!!!


- UPDATED ON OCTOBER 7th, 2018 -

The 5TH Season Of “THE BABS” ( The BadAss Becky Show ) Is currently Filming at Youtube Studios In NYC and is set to Premiere in Late FALL 2018. The first Teaser for Season 5 Will be shown In Early November 2018.

The BABS Will be launching a Brand NEW “MANY VIDS” Platform in NOVEMBER 2018 with Never before seen “EXCLUSIVE” Clips, Picture sets and Much More.

The OFFICIAL WEBSITE For “BECKY’S BOUTIQUE” will Launch in NOVEMBER 2018 FEETuring The Lovely Ladies from Becky’s Boutique and The PILOT Episode to a FUN & FLIRTY New Show.   

  - UPDATED ON APRIL 27th, 2018

BECKY'S BOUTIQUE Has Successfully Expanded to the Lovely City of BOSTON and had 3 SOLD OUT Nights!!!. Thank you to all of the awesome Gentlemen who CAME out to show Us some Love. 

BECKY'S BOUTIQUE Will be Visiting The City of Brotherly "FOOT" Love in May 2018. Please Visit the Official Becky's Boutique Page here on BadAssBeckyShow.com for more Info :) 

                                                             - UPDATED ON FEBRUARY 6th, 2018 -

* BECKY'S BOUTIQUE will be traveling To "WASHINGTON DC" in March 2018. At the this time, Becky and The girls Plan on Visiting Several New States so Please Check Out The Official Becky's Boutique Page to find out when The Boutique Is CUMMING To Your City.                                                                

 * THE BABS will Be expanding into a MultiMedia Network called "RISKe", consisting of Various NEW Fun & Flirty Shows  starting March 2018.                                                                

                                                                 - UPDATED ON JANUARY 28th, 2018-

* As Of January 2018, THE BABS has surpassed 70,000 Subscribers on Youtube and 20 MILLION VIEWS.

* As Of January 2018, THE BABS ( BadAss Babes Sorority ) Welcomed it's 16th 17th & 18th Official Member-   expanding The SORORITIES Social Media outreach to 2.5 Million Followers.

* As Of January 2018, THE BABS is an official Partner of YOUTUBE/ GOOGLE and will be Filming Season 5 at Youtube Studios In NYC.

                                                                      - UPDATED DECEMBER 10th, 2017 -

* The BABS has surpassed 19 MILLION Views On Youtube

* SEASON 5 Of The BABS is currently In Post Production- with the first Episode to premiere in Late January 2018

* In addition to THE BABS- there will be a New FUN & FLIRTY Series Premiering in early 2018 called "BareFEET"

* As of DECEMBER 2017- The Babs INSTAGRAM Page has reached 132,000 Followers

* Following the success of the Pilot Episode of BadAss Babes: Carmine Black breaking 100,000 Views On  Youtube- There will be 3 New Epsiodes for  first quarter 2018.

                                                                      - UPDATED ON SEPTEMBER 12th 2017 -

* Fun & Flirty "SKYPE" Sessions are Now Available On The Becky's Boutique Page and Website STORE.

* BECKY'S BadAss Clips4Sale is Set To Launch October 2017- Now You Can Download New, Sexy & Spicy Clips

* THE BABS Has surpassed 17 Million Views On Youtube as of September 1st 2017

* SEASON 4 Of THE BABS will PREMIERE In JUNE 2017 On Youtube, Vimeo, Foot Fetishtube.com and badassbeckyshow.com

* As of May 2017- Becky's Classic Clip "BANANA SPLIT" has surpassed 1 MILLION VIEWS On YOUTUBE- with 5 others Hitting the 500,000 mark. 

* As Of MAY 2017, The BABS Official INSTAGRAM PAGE has surpassed 100,000 Followers!!!

* As Of MAY 2017, BadAssBeckyShow welcomed it's 6,000th Paid member!!!!!!

* The Becky's Boutique V.I.P Preview Page Makes it Debut on JUNE 23rd,2016 - which will be followed by an All New MEMBERS SECTION On JUNE 27th, 2016.

* As of MAY, 2016 I'm proud to announce that I have an AMAZING NEW ORIGINAL WEB-SERIES On The way- with the first episode set to premiere this Fall. The series is Racy, riveting and guaranteed to keep my beloved audience entertained :) . Please stay Tuned For More Info. 

* I’d like to thank all of my friends, fans and supporters for helping my Classic Clip “Study These Soles” to surpass 650,000 total Views On Youtube.

I’m delighted to announce that My Classic Clip “Becky’s Banana Split” has reached 800,000 combined Views on my 2 youtube Channels. That is an extraordinary accomplishment and proves once and for all that the world is filled with Gentlemen with an admiration for Sexy Feet.

* I’m proud to announce that As of May,2016 The Badass Becky Show has surpassed 38,000 Subscribers on Youtube- making it one of the most successful Fetish Related Channels currently on Youtube.

* As Of May, 2016, The BadAss Becky Show has reached 47,000 Followers On Instagram.

* I’d like to thank everyone for Following Me On Google+. As of August 2015, I’m delighted to let everyone know that I have received over 3,000,000 Views- which is really extraordinary- thank you so much!!!!

UPDATE: As Of MAY, 2016- The BABS now has over 6,000,000 Views on Google+ 

* Please TUNE INTO The BadAss Becky Show Every Thursday Night @ 10:PM From March 17th- June 23rd

* A New Season Of The BadAss Becky Show will Be Premiering At The End of AUGUST 2016 and run until The end of October. The NEW FALL SEASON Of The BABS will include Episodes of Fan Favorites such as "ASK BECKY", "TALK-THE-TALK", "LETS SPEAK ABOUT FEET", "SNEAK PEEKS OF SEXY FEET" as well as some NEW, EXCITING SEGMENTS Like "FEET IN THE HOT SEAT", "FEET ON THE DASH", "TALK- THE DIRTY- TALK", "WALK- THE WALK" and Much More!!!

* I'm Proud To announce a SPICIER VERSION Of The BadAss Becky Show will Debut On The VIMEO PLATFORM Summer 2016. This New Platform will Feature racier Content that  Fans of The BABS will Be able to DOWNLOAD, and WATCH On DEMAND. 

* A NEW "BECKY'S BOUTIQUE" Membership Plan will Debut On The website JUNE 2016. This new, Exciting Plan will FEETure SEXY, REVEALING CLIPS & PICS of The Girls Of Becky's Boutique along with info On REAL LIFE SESSIONS and Members Access To The SESSION SUBMISSION FORM- to schedule YOUR Actual "REAL LIFE" Session At "BECKY'S BOUTIQUE: A Discreet Place To Meet For Gentlemen Who Love Sexy FEET!"

* The Babs is set to wrap up its 4th Season on Youtube- an incredible milestone considering No One believed in the idea of a Fun & Flirty Fetish program when the idea was originally introduced.









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