• When I first started The BABS- Which was then Called "Becky's Foot Fetish Films" - I use to send random messages on Youtube- inviting people to watch my Clips....And almost no one did :)
  • It took me almost 6 months to get 5,000 Views on My first clip- and as of May 2017, my clips average 7,500 views on the first night- a true testament that persistence is everything!!!!!
  • One of the very first people I had a conversation with regarding The BABS on Social media was a Gentlemen by the name of Jason Shain- who was very enthusiastic about My Plans for THE BABS and encouraged me to push on.


  • My Production Team consists of 5 amazingly passionate and talented people- lead by a dear friend of mine "JAY" A.K.A "THE JUGGLER
  • You can see "JAY THE JUGGLERS" Logo at the beginning of most of My Clips- due to the critical role who plays in THE BABS
  • I actually got the Nickname "The Baddest LiL RedHead In NYC" from Jay "The Juggler".
  • My Production Manager and Becky's Boutique Operation Manager is the Lovely Karen Lynn- who's a Bull Dog and Great Leader
  • My wonderful team is represented by the Amazing Entertainment Lawyer Bernie Jackson- who actually represented PRINCE
  • THE BABS was started on a small monetary investment by an NYC angel investor Mr IVAN LETSKI
  • Another key component of THE BABS is one of my Producers and friends "Samantha Stein" - who assisted Jay and I with all of the early editing on classic clips like "STUDY THESE SOLES", "BANANA SPLIT" & My "TALK THE TALK SERIES"
  • My Favorite facet of THE BABS is My TALK-THE-TALK segments- which I find Fun, educational, Sexy and incredibly entertaining.
  • My team and I use 2 Canon 5D Mark III's for The BadAss Becky Show and The Amazing RED Scarlet for my upcoming Web-Series
  • Before Ivan Letski invested in THE BABS- The program was pitched to nearly 20 production companies and they all passed on It.
  • Some of the most critical advice I received when deciding to do THE BABS was "No one would ever take a Program focused on Feet seriously.
  • THE BABS Youtube channel has received over 30 Network offers from larger Youtube Channels- But to this day, we have remained 100% Independent.
  • One of my favorite parts of my Youtube channel is responding to all of the interesting Comments I receive after posting a new clip.
  • My Goal was to get THE BABS to 100,000 Total Followers/ Subscribers by 2016- I surpassed that by 150,000 :)
  • Initially season 3 was going to be the last Season of THE BABS- But due to the overwhelming amount of requests and support for a new season- I decided to come back for a 4th and final season before concentrating on My Web-series Full Time. 
  • The 4th Season Of "THE BABS" will be The Final Season :( 
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