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This page is intended to show the positive, creative, sexy - yet - playful side of Foot Fetishism- which is the main purpose of The BadAss Becky Show. During my experience in the Foot Fetish scene, I have met some really remarkable people who I found to be articulate, compassionate, fascinating and unfortunately Misunderstood. Being an avid Foot Fetishist myself, I decided to use my talent to try and break some of the negative stereotypes, most of society associates with People with foot fetishes.

Though there are definitely quite a few rotten apples in the foot fetish community- I’m focused on showing our beloved fetish in a positive, artistic light, by creating content that is entertaining, respectable- but more importantly FUN!.............SO ENJOY! and SUPPORT THE CAUSE by JOINING THE SITE- which will Help me to continue Creating Terrific content for FOOT LOVERS across the world.

Have a Look Below at some of The Fun Content I Created for My Fellow "FOOT LOVERS"

                                - LAST UPDATE MARCH 2019 -

  • I’m 4’ 10’’ High but a GIANT inside :)

  • I Have Bright Blue Eyes and I’m a Size 2 ( Small )

  • I’m an all natural RedHead from The Top Of My Dome to Down Below

  • I wear a size 4 1/2- occasionally a size 5 - depending on the cut of the shoe

  • I’m of Irish and Italian Descent and Grew Up In the good Ole Peach State of Georgia

  • I’m 25 Years Young and a Ton of Fun :) - Now 28 HeHe since I first posted this almost 3 years ago :)

  • I moved To NYC to pursue my education and to get away from the conservative, Ignorant, Backwards ways of The South

  • I majored in Creative Writing with a Minor in Film Production

  • My parents and siblings are well aware of My interests in Fetishism along with The BadAss Becky Show.

  • I’m single- unattached- but I do love To Mingle and enjoy Myself. I'm Open Minded and Don't really believe In Monogamy.

  • I’m a huge fan of science fiction, suspenseful thrillers and Porn lol

  • I'm a Huge Fan of the Stephen King Novel "IT" and can't wait for the New Film To Come out- would You Take me to see it? :)

  • I enjoy watching many different facets of Porn including Cuckold/ Hotwife, Interracial, Gangbangs or anything that’s creative and visually interesting.

  • I’m fairly Open Minded and find Both Males and Females attractive Physically, mentally and sexually.... Use Your imagination to Connect The Dots ;-)

  • When it Comes to being Intimate with another Female I enjoy eating SUSHI not Really serving it- Meaning: I'm not really Much of a Pillow Princess :) - I like to take charge of The situation.

  • I have always been a bit of a Rebel/ Renegade and don’t believe in Confirming to the Social Norms most of society Follows.

  • I enjoy collecting Prop Replicas from some of my favorite Films- including Star Wars, The Terminator, Predator, Iron Man, Resident Evil, Aliens and Much More - I'm also a Huge fan of the 80's and Love THE G1 TRANSFORMERS.

  • I Reside in NYC but also spend a great deal of my Time in New Jersey

  • Becky's Boutique is located in the heart of Manhattan and it's something I'm incredibly passionate about and enjoy Hosting.

  • I’m a Total Sweetheart- BUT- I definitely have a Temper- a Sailors Mouth and don’t tolerate anyone trying to disrespect me..Period!

  • I have had an admiration for Feet as long as I can remember; however, I wasn’t really aware there was a Large Community of Foot Fetishists until I entered College.

  • I first learned I could earn money with my Lovely, Little feet through a friend - who had been supporting herself through school by scheduling sessions.

  • I scheduled my very first session in fall of 2012 and charged $100- which I didn’t believe anyone would pay. Lets just say, My Prices have gone up dramatically since ;-) $500 ( Yep You read that right!!!!! ) lol

  • I have a Profound fascination with the Look and Feel of Wrinkled Soles. I personally Believe a Incredibly detailed wrinkled sole is the sexiest facet of a Foot.

  • I don't find DUDE FEET attractive at all. I personally have no interest in Worshipping/ Enjoying a Mans foot - so Stop asking!!!! :)

  • One of my Favorite Foot Fetish related activities to do is to: Glide my tongue along the wrinkles of an attractive females soles- Similar to a Surfer catching waves :)

  • While doing The Do ( FUCKING) - I enjoy pointing my toes or Placing my FEET directly in front of my Lovers Face so he can enjoy the Look of my Sexy, wrinkled Soles.

  • I personally Find the Scent of other Girls Feet incredibly arousing. I actually don't Like odorless feet- they do nothing for me.

  • I don't believe Being in a monogamous relationship is realistic; however, I also believe if you do then there's nothing wrong with that :)

  • When it comes to Sex, I'm fairly open minded and enjoy a wide variety of different acts :) including being open to the idea of multiple partners. Like a Tricycle- sometimes 3 wheels work out really well :)

  • Some of my Favorite Fetish Models are "Ludella Hahn, Cali Logan, Kayla Jane Danger, Taylor Razz, Nonni Aziz ( Nonni's Arabic Soles) Little Miss Arcana, Daniela Raquel, Terra Mizu and Ms Maya".

  • The Most I have ever received for an actual FOOT FETISH Session was $1,500 - which to this Day I'm baffled by lol. What's pretty fascinating is: it's the price he offered without me saying a word. I would have done it for a fraction of the cost- besides he was really cute ( I hope he's reading this- if so, give me a call lol ).

  • I have had FOOT FETISH Sessions with a few semi celebrities, a Popular Entertainer as well as a Pro Football Player and a very Famous Latin Singer. The Pro Football Player was actually someone I thought about taken it a step further with- But he never tried anything lol

  • I have no problem stimulating a Gentlemen with My feet and My FJ Skills are second To none :)

  • I think a Nice, Relaxing J is part of the Foot Fetish Session experience and Becky's Boutique is a place where you can explore the possibilities hehe

  • I personally believe the BRAIN is the sexiest Part of a Person. A large Cock is Incredibly Over-rated and most of the guys I know who are endowed don't have the slightest clue what They're doing. In Fact- I have been with someone who had a 4'' Prick and he was Fucking Awesome lol

  • In addition to producing The BABS ( The BadAss Becky Show ) - I'm really working hard on a brand New 'ORIGINAL" Web-Series that I hope to enter in a Film Festival or Two :)

  • Though I'm a Female ( At least The last Time I checked LOL) - I have HUGE BALLS and A Challenge, Taken Risks and going after my dreams- regardless if it cost me every last Penny I have :)

  • I'm represented by an awesome and powerful Law Firm- so Don't get any ideas about stealing my content or Intellectual property or I'll Sue Your ass off lol


BadAss Becky Graphic Novel 

At this time, I’ve teamed up with some really talented Writers and Artists to produce an actual “BadAss Becky” Graphic Novel. The series will follow the amazing Adventures of Yours Truly- as I take on a wide variety of close minded, ignorant assholes including Pimps, Homophobes, sexists, rapists, pedophiles, bullies and much more.

The Plot: By Day Rebecca Berardi is an aspiring Film Maker and Creative Entrepreneur; however, come night, she runs a Discreet, yet successful Fetish enterprise “Becky’s Boutique”. Behind The scenes, Rebecca Berardi is also “BadAss Becky” an alternative Lifestyle Super Hero, fighting for the rights for the Alternative Lifestyle Community.

The BadAss Becky Graphic Novel Series is Currently In The Development Stage - with no Set Production Date Set.

The BadAss Becky Graphic Novel is Created, Written and Produced by J.L Moultrie and Elijah Moultrie 

The BadAss Becky graphic novel series will be part of an exciting NEW Expansion Brand called "THE CHRONICLES OF BadAss BECKY"-Planned for early 2019!!!!!!


                                    "BECKY'S FUN FOOT FACTS"

  1. There are over 250,000 Sweat Glands on a Pair of FEET

  2. How your FEET smell is based on what kind of bacteria you have on your body. When this bacteria starts to munch on your Dead Skin Cells, they actually FART- which leads to the scent of your FEET

  3. Based on a survey of 100 FOOT LOVERS, 88% prefer the potent scent of a Foot rather than the natural odorless aroma

  4. The sweat produced by feet is made by the eccrine gland- which secretes an odorless liquid comprised of water and salt.

  5. The legality of an actual FOOT FETISH SESSION varies widely from state to state- making a foot job from your favorite Foot Girl next door a calculated risk......but one that's worth taking?

  6. Iconic 80's Singer "BILLY IDOL" is a passionate "FOOT LOVER" and proud of it.

  7. Elvis Presley ( THE KING! ) was rumored to be a Huge FOOT LOVER- That Hound Dog!!!! :)

  8. Most FOOT LOVERS and TRUE FOOT FETISHISTS often cannot full arousal during sex without incorporating their partners FEET in some capacity.

  9. Based on a survey of 25 "SEX WORKERS" - most Working Girls are more comfortable performing ORAL SEX on their clients than giving a FOOT JOB - which is pretty baffling to me.

  10. Based on my own Personal research STRIPPERS, BIKERS, ATHLETES and RUNNERS have the smelliest FEET.

  11. The term "TOE JAM" does not actually refer to JAM or JELLY between your toes - but the Stench or Debris "JAMMED" between your toes.

  12. It's pretty common for a Male to want to try on a pair of Woman's nylons. Unfortunately they are usually worried that if anyone found out they enjoy this particular fetish would be interpreted as them being Gay. It doesn't mean Your Gay- just Like a Female wearing a Football Jersey doesn't mean she's a Dyke.

  13. Most FOOT LOVERS on the internet are definitely Not Who They Say They Are :)

  14. The Average Size of A Female Foot is an 8. I guess with all of the steroids and Chemicals the Government is pumping Into Our Food- we’re getting Bigger!

  15. Some Foot Lovers are so infatuated/ Stimulated by the sight of a Pair of wrinkled soles that they can ejaculate by simply looking at them.

  16. Since I started My Project so many gentlemen have asked me what size shoe I wear. The answer to your question is: a Diminutive Size 4.5 - occasionally a Size 5 depending on the cut of the shoe.

  17. Foot Odor ( Aroma To some LOL ) is caused by bacteria on our skin that eats the sweat and secretes waste which causes the fascinating Aroma so many Foot Lovers seem to Find intoxicating.

  18. Based on a Survey I conducted involving 1,000 Gentlemen- The most popular Facet of a Female foot appears to be Her lovely wrinkled soles at nearly 25%. That’s followed by Scent at 21% and Toes at 17%. One gentlemen even said his favorite Facet of a Female foot is Dry, Crusty Skin...On occasion, he has solicited Other foot models for Their “Ped Egg” Shavings..... I guess we all have our own Taste ;-)

  19. Foot Fetish Sessions are actually Legal- just as long as the Female providing you with the service isn’t using her lovely feet to help you to secrete something Wet and Slippery :)

  20. Based on a Poll I conducted with 25 Foot Fetish Session Providers- the average cost for a Half Hour Foot Fetish Session is $125. The Highest rate was $300 and the lowest was $50 for a HH session.

  21. Most Foot Lovers find the sweaty scent of a Females foot arousing. Some even say the scent has the same effect on them as the Smell of a woman’s Vagina.

  22. It’s pretty obvious that a person can’t actually get anything physical from sucking on a set of toes- which proves that sex and even Foot Fetishism is more mental, and visually stimulating.

  23. Most Foot Lovers Realized they had an admiration for Female Feet by 13. Based on a Poll of 100 Foot Lovers- the earliest age reported was 5.

  24. Based on a Poll of 100 Foot Lovers, over 50% stated their favoritepart of summer wasn’t the warm weather- But - the fact they have the opportunity to see so many lovely pairs of feet in sandals, Flip Flops and other foot revealing shoes.

  25. Many Foot Lovers can’t reach a climax without involving their mates feet in some capacity- whether physically or mentally.

  26. Most Foot Lovers have never had an actual Foot Fetish Session.

  27. Most Foot Lovers prefer a Smelly pair of Feet over a Pair of Scentless feet.

  28. based on a Poll of 100 Gentlemen, 67% admitted to sneaking a sniff of a females shoe without her knowledge.

  29. Based on a Poll of 100 Foot Lovers- 65% said there Favorite event to watch during the Summer Olympics is woman’s Gymnastics and synchronized swimming, due to the Fact the Female athletes have their Feet On display for all to see.

  30. Growing up I had always found feet interesting and sexy. I would often sneak in Cheap Feels when my friends spent the night, and I always enjoyed painting My girlfriends toes...I guess I was a little perv early on without really knowing......Or maybe I did ;-)

  31. I wasn’t completely aware I had an actual Foot Fetish until My Senior Year In High school. That was the first time I realized I found feet sexually arousing....prior to that, I just found them interesting.

  32. I once dated a Guy who always asked me why I liked Pointing my Toes while we were Intimate ( Fucking ). I told him I thought it was sexy and it actually intensified My Climax- He found that pretty puzzling lol

  33. One of the perks I have being Becky of “The BadAss Becky Show” is: I get to have “Free” Foot Fetish sessions with all of the lovely girls that work for me...Meaning “I’m a BOSS with Benefits” ;-)

  34. Based On a Poll Consisting of 100 Foot Lovers- the Most Popular Pedicure Color is Red followed by Pink and Black.

  35. The Babs Is wrapping up its 4th Season on Youtube- a pretty extraordinary accomplishment considering no one believed in the Idea of a Fetish Related program when I first CAME up with the idea :)

  36. I will be launching a new Fun & Flirty Platform called "Becky's BadAss Clips4sale" along with a Patreon Page this CUMMING Fall :)


Welcome To “FEET ON THE STREET!”. This Facet Of My Fun Page consists of me sharing some of the Candid, Sneaky Little Pictures I take around NYC with my iPhone 6+. As a Passionate Foot Fetishist and a True Adrenaline Junkie- I enjoy taken Stealthy Shots of some of the Sexy Feet I CUM across on a Daily Basis here in NYC. I enjoy CUMMING up with creative ways to capture my Shots- including But Not limited to: Dropping loose change by a pair of Feet I find sexy to snap a shot- or My Favorite- walking right up to someone, taken a shot, casually walking away, before turning around to see the expression on their face lol - PRICELESS

So take a sec to View This Months “FEET ON THE STREET” Gallery and Support The Cause Of  "YOUR" Friendly "FOOT GIRL" Next door by Becoming a Member. 

ALL PROCEEDS Go To The Further Production Of The BadAss Becky Show.



Below is a collection of  Pictures from some of the passionate Fans of Rebecca Berardi  “Becky” and The BadAss Becky Show. If you would like to contribute your own personal Art to Becky’s Foot Fun Page- please send an email along with your Creation to

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