The “Ask Becky” portion of The BadAss Becky Show is a Q & A video series designed to create a more personal/ engaging relationship between Becky and her fan base. In this series, Becky takes a moment to give advice and answer some of her audiences most intriguing questions relating to topics such as: Foot fetishism, sexuality, film making and all things in between. 

Twice a month, 10 lucky Gentlemen will have the opportunity to have their questions answered on an on-screen segment of Ask Becky.

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Ask Becky and The BadAss Becky Show is written and produced by JL Moultrie, K.L Moultrie and Rebecca "Becky" Berardi. 

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Q: Becky, how do I tell a Female I’m interested in about My Foot Fetish without Creeping her out?

A: I personally don’t think having a Foot Fetish is weird- in fact, it’s really Normal and one of the most common fetishes there is; however, it’s all about your approach. If you are acting anxious and peculiar when initiating a discussion about your fetish- then expect the person to act anxious and peculiar as well. The best advice I can give you is: Don’t make it a big deal. Mention it in an easy, nonchalant manner and more than likely you will get a fairly normal reaction. Example: If you went to a bank for a Loan: Would you act all anxious, and incoherent or would you simply say “I’m interested in a Loan” - You have to take the same approach when it comes to your fetish. Don’t over think things.

Q: Becky, do you have a problem with Guys wanting to Smell your feet or guys who have a fetish that involves scent/ smell?

A: Absolutely Not. I honestly believe there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the scent of a pair of feet. Whether natural or the potent scent of a sweaty pair of feet, it’s really up to the individual and he’s entitled to like whatever he/she enjoys.

As far as a Guy being interested in smelling my feet- I have no issue with that either. In my experience, I’d say scent is one of the more popular facets of Foot Fetishism. I personally enjoy prepping my feet for Gentlemen who enjoy the intoxicating aroma of a sweaty/ vinegary pair of feet- I think it’s incredibly stimulating, fun and fascinating.

Q: Becky has a Guy ever approached you in public and complimented you on your feet? and if so, how did you react?

A: I have been approached and complimented several times. I personally think it’s really flattering and since I have my own Foot Fetish, I understand the need for my fellow fetishists to express themselves,,,so I have no issue with it at all.

As long as the individual is respectful and not looking to cross the line, I always respond in a positive, Fun, Flirty Manner. The last thing I’d want to do is make someone feel uncomfortableabout something that really isn’t a big deal. People compliment each other all of the time, so what’s the difference between pretty hair and a pretty pair of feet? -  in My opinion: Nothing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Q: Becky, I have never come across a female who actually has a Foot Fetish- especially one as open and comfortable with it as you. My question is: do you truly have a Foot Fetish? or is this merely a Creative way to generate money for your project.

A: Though a female with a Foot Fetish might not be as common as a Male- I assure you, there are plenty of girls out there who have an admiration for a sexy pair of feet. I am a true FOOT LOVER who enjoys many different facets of this Fetish- and though I’ve made it a large focus of the BadAss Becky Show- it’s also something I enjoy immensely in my personal Life.

In order to be successful at something, I truly believe a person MUST be passionate and love what they do. When it comes to my project, I simply took my Love for sexy feet with my fascination with film and the arts and combined them - that’s why the project comes so naturally to me: Because I’m doing what I Love to do.

Q: Becky, In addition to a Foot Fetish, I also have a Tickling Fetish. I would like to know are your feet ticklish?, Do you enjoy having your feet Tickled? and will there be any tickling clips on your site?

A: I’d say my feet are moderately ticklish- but it really depends on who’s doing the tickling. I personally believe there’s definitely an ART to tickling and though everyone can do it, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re actually good at it.  In my experience, I have come across some good and bad Ticklers and a few individuals who I’d say mastered the technique.

I enjoy my feet being tickled as long as the person is skilled and knows what he/she is doing. I find the sensation intense and at times pleasurable.  There will definitely be a several tickling clips on my Site, so definitely check it out and Join- I’m sure you will be pretty satisfied with what you see.

Q: Becky I have always Fantasized about Worshipping a Sexy Pair of Feet, but Haven't been able to get up the courage to bring my Fantasy to Life....What should I do?

A: To be honest, You should.........

Q: Becky have you ever given a Foot Job? and if sohow do you feel about them?

A: In my experience I..........

Q: Becky, I'm really interested in having a Real Life Foot Fetish Session at Becky's Boutique. What are the steps to make this Happen and what are Your Hard Limits?

A: If you would like to seriously schedule a Session at Becky's Boutique, You will have to.....


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